For us less is more


Every year, more than 20 billion pairs of shoes are produced worldwide. This means that each year there are about 3 pairs of shoes produced per each inhabitant of the Earth. Let us not fool ourselves, we produce more shoes than we should, we buy more than we need. And certainly our planet does not benefit from the existence of all of them.

And what if we had shoes that could change their appearance in just a few seconds? Not in a fictional world created for example by J.K. Rowling, but here in Poland? In this scenario, instead of 5, 10 or 15 pairs of shoes, we could have only one. Impossible?

The owner of the VOLO SHOES brand has taken up this magical challenge and has been working on its implementation since 2019. The first pairs of the new concept shoes will go on sale in spring 2020. Our mission is to create footwear in the spirit of #LessShoeWaste and limit the growing littering of our planet.

Innovative shoes in the #LessShoeWaste concept will soon be presented on our website and on social media.

Get ready because it will be loud about us! 🙂


We are working on our new, innovative footwear collection, which will be available for sale from spring 2020.

Until then, we encourage you to visit our website and social media (Facebook, Instagram), as we will be presenting there the latest information on the development of our new concept. In addition, we will try to familiarize you with the ideas that guided us during the implementation of our #LessShoeWaste project. The latest information will be available on our website in the BLOG tab, and marked in social media with the hashtag #LessShoeWaste.


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