Rodzinna tradycja produkcji obuwia VOLO SHOES


The tradition of footwear production in our family began in 1982, when my father Arkadiusz decided to become a shoemaker. I remember well the everyday sound of hammering coming from our garage while my Dad was hand-making another pair of shoes. For me my Dad has always been a shoemaker, I do not know another Dad of mine.

In the golden period of shoemaking in Poland in the 1990s, my father produced hundreds of pairs of women’s shoes. At that time, in front of his production plant lined up queues of wholesalers who bought shoes manufactured literally a moment ago (sometimes even with not yet completely set glue). The Polish and Eastern Europe markets at that time had a lot of demand ready to be covered with various products, for example footwear. In those days, the quantity was the most important and the customers were glad that they could buy any shoes at all.

The situation began to change after 2000, when the footwear market began to be saturated with products from both domestic factories and goods coming from the East. As a result of these changes, the customers became convinced that it is possible to buy the product cheaply, not necessarily worrying about its origin or type of material from which the shoes were made. The crawling crisis caused by the need to lower prices wiped out many small craftsmen from the  Polish market. For this reason, only few have survived, mainly due to their cooperation with large companies and the export of shoes abroad. The crisis also reached the company of my Dad who at some time was even about to close it.

Tata w zakładzie szewskim 1990 r.
Tata z córką


In 2015, I founded the VOLO SHOES company to help my father continue doing what he really loves – creating unusual shoes. The VOLO brand appeared on the Internet and the Polish market as a result of my participation in various fashion fairs and cooperation with boutiques and shoe stores. Since then our customers have always appreciated the exceptional quality and comfort of our shoes, and customized orders have always given us extraordinary satisfaction.

Since 2016, we have started cooperation with Polish designers, by creating and producing shoes for their own collections. We offer the highest quality women’s and men’s footwear tailor-made to fit the requirements set before us. Each footwear model is manufactured exactly as our client wishes. We currently work with over 10 various Polish brands, enriching their offer with women’s and men’s shoes.

Udział w targach mody


In 2020, after more than a year of preparation and dozens of prototypes created, VOLO SHOES enriches the world with new footwear solutions. Acting in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, we want to limit the amount of shoes produced. At the same time, we want to preserve a large variety of shoes available for our customers. Details are coming soon!

We draw passion from family traditions


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