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since 1982

Dad and dauther

Let's start from the beginning...

The tradition of footwear production in our family started in 1982, when my father, Arkadiusz, decided to work as a shoemaker. I remember the daily sound of hammering coming from my backyard garage and my dad making another pair of shoes. For me, my dad has always been a shoemaker, I don’t know any other dad.

During the golden age of shoemaking in Poland in the 1990s, my father produced hundreds of pairs of women’s shoes. The Polish and Eastern markets were ready to be filled with various products, for example footwear. In those days, it was mainly the quantity that mattered, and the customers were happy that they could buy any shoesat all.

Those were golden times for shoemakers.

Meanwhile, the situation began to change after 2000, when the footwear market began to saturate with products from China. As a result of these changes, the customer realized that you can buy shoes cheaply, not necessarily worrying about their origin or the type of material they are made of. This slow crisis destroyed many small craftsmen in Poland. For this reason, only few have survived on the market, mainly thanks to the cooperation with large companies and the export of shoes abroad. The crisis also affected my dad’s company, which was on the verge of being closed.

Changes, changes!

In 2015, I founded the VOLO brand to help my dad keep doing what he really loves – creating shoes. The VOLO brand appeared on the Internet and on the Polish market thanks to our participation in various fashion fairs and cooperation with boutiques and shoe stores. Customers appreciate the exceptional quality and comfort of our shoes.

In 2016, we started cooperation with Polish designers, creating shoes for their own collections. We offer the highest quality women’s and men’s footwear. Each model of footwear is produced exactly as our client wishes. We are currently working with many Polish brands, enriching their offer with women’s and men’s shoes.

In 2020, our proprietary project #LessShoeWaste was released. Magnetic shoes and clips are an innovation on a global scale, and Polish women love the opportunity to experiment with fashion.


from 2015


BOHO collection

from 2021

Style that expresses joy

2020 was a hard test for everyone. Fear and exhaustion alternated with the hope that soon everything would return to normal. It was this hope of new freedom and liberty that inspired the creation of a new, original BOHO collection.

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