How to
clean shoes?

In order for your shoes to retain their beautiful appearance as long as possible, it is worth taking care of their daily care.

Avoid contact with water!

Leather summer shoes do not tolerate well contact with water, and the ornaments (feathers, macramé) on the shoes can be completely destroyed.

Do you want to have a walk in the water? Choose our special water-resistant shoes.

Is it raining? Put on rubber boots or plastic flaps.

Did the rainstorm surprise you? Wait in a dry place.

And remember – DO NOT wash shoes!

Grain leather

use leather polishes of the correct color

Suede leather

wipe the dust with a cloth, and brush the suede with a special brush


you can remove the dust with the cool breeze of the dryer. Do not brush feathers, do not soak them in water


rub with a damp cloth or use a lint roller to remove lint from the macrame.


Match your footwear with the weather – if it is raining now or you expect heavy rainfall in the near future, choose full footwear. Reserve your slip-ons for sunny days.

Analyze the terrain on which you will walk – we must walk comfortably and safely in our shoes. For mountains and rocky roads, choose shoes that support the ankle, preferably fully built-up. You may risk an ankle sprain in flip-flops!

Store properly – preferably in a box or pouches for shoes. Remember to arrange the shoes properly so that the decorations do not crumple. Thanks to this, they will keep their great appearance for a long time.