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We will start our cooperation by getting to know your expectations regarding the design of footwear - what should the shoe look like, what materials should it be made from and what would be the estimated cost of the project. It is worth to prepare - already for the first meeting - sketches, drawings or photographs of footwear which inspires you, so that we can analyze the project together. Meetings will take place at your location or in another location agreed jointly with us.

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On the basis of the sketches, photographs and requirements presented by you, our designers will prepare for you the initial design of the shoe in the form of drawings. It will be a preliminary project created in line with the existing shoe standards, that will enable the visualization of the final product.

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The prototype will be one shoe in the size chosen by you and created in accordance with the previously agreed design. This stage will be the most demanding, because each element of the emerging footwear - bottoms, heels, hooves, and uppers - will have to be prepared from the beginning. While creating the prototype, the most important will be continuous cooperation with you and systematic verification of the shoe's compliance with your expectations. We assume the possibility of making minor corrections in the appearance of the uppers of the shoe.

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After accepting the prototype, we will start producing footwear in the sizes set by you. We offer the possibility of making even a small number of footwear pairs, starting from several dozen pairs during the first order. The production costs and prices of footwear will depend on the number of pairs ordered.

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The delivery of footwear will take place after prior appointment to the address indicated by you. We will send parcels by courier, after prior determination of costs with you. In Warsaw, we offer free footwear delivery.

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> we have over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of footwear

> we are a manufacture, the quality of materials and work is the most important for us

> we realize even small orders, thus minimizing the financial risk of customers at the beginning of cooperation 

> we are open to new ideas and solutions, and we are inspired by European footwear trends

If you are interested in carrying out your project together with us and having produced shoes according to your specifications, please kindly contact us.

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