Silva shoes made of warm woolen material in gray and natural goatskin in beige color. The upper of the shoe consists of two crossed stripes. Profiled, comfortable insole. Beige tunic leather sole.

upper: alpaca 43%, sheep wool 30%, pa 27%
lining: 100% natural leather
lining: alpaca 43%, 30%, pa 27% + 100% leather
sole: 100% rubber


within 5-6 working days from the moment of placing the order.









Silva shoes from the LET’S GO HOME collection for fall / winter 2021.

As the days get shorter and it gets colder outside, it’s nice to hide at home. Spend the evening under a blanket with a cup of hot tea and your favorite book. Experience romantic moments by candlelight. Lie on the couch with your cat and listen to relaxing music. We are happy to come home in autumn and winter. This is our zone of comfort, convenience and relaxation.

Silva shoes are made of a material that is a mixture of alpaca wool and sheep wool. The lining of the shoes is made of soft, natural goatskin. The shoes will wrap your feet and provide them with pleasant warmth. Due to the high content of alpaca wool, the material is non-scratchy and pleasant to the touch. The upper of the shoe is made of two straps crossed in the middle, which hold the foot very firmly. The sole of the shoe has a contoured shape and is made of a light sponge, which guarantees comfort and everyday wear comfort. The sole of the Silva shoes is made of a flexible and durable material: leather. A leather lining with the VOLO logo sewn on the heel protects the material against abrasion during use.

Silva shoes will provide you with comfort and warmth every day, and the unique material and design also make them look great! Therefore, you do not have to hide your home footwear when guests arrive at home 🙂 Silva shoes are dedicated to use at home, but if you want you can take them with you everywhere!



Cleaning and maintenance

Take care not to soil or mechanically damage your shoes.

Wool likes airing and resting – that’s why you often air your shoes in the open air, e.g. on the balcony and give them a break from your feet from time to time 🙂 Wool is a natural material that has self-regenerating properties in contact with oxygen.

Clean the shoes from time to time with a slightly damp cloth, without the use of chemical washing agents. Do not rub or scrub the shoes.

The shoes can not be washed – neither in the washing machine nor by hand.

A natural property of wool is its pilling. Puffed balls can be removed with a clothes shaver.



Hey I’m from Poland!

We made the shoes in our small footwear factory near Warsaw.

You liked our shoes, but would you prefer them in a different color? If so, write to us and we will prepare them for individual orders: CONTACT

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By purchasing VOLO shoes, you support the Polish footwear industry 🖤

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